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How do you remove the alcohol from wine?

Our wines begin traditionally: in the vineyard, with grapes harvested at the optimal moment and fermented into premium, fully-alcoholic wine. To achieve quality non-alcoholic results, the dealcoholization approach between fermentation and bottling is key. To remove the alcohol, Studio Null wines are pressurized using a strong vacuumed force, which allows the alcohol to be distilled out of the wine at low temperature. The alcohol is distilled out with careful oversight by dealcoholization experts, making a high-quality alcohol distillate. The wine body and original aroma and flavor compounds remain, and the team expertly calibrates the finishing and resting processes, varying the approach with each wine to maximize expression, character and structure in the final result. 

After going through this process, our wines have an average alcohol content of 0.3%, versus the 12-14% they typically start with. Fun fact: many conventional wines also go through a version of this dealcoholization process to bring wines that are too alcoholic (aka “hot”) down to a lower ABV.


Studio Null wines are non-alcoholic beverages, and the FDA requires that alcohol-removed wines carry a “less than 0.5% alcohol by volume” statement, which means that the beverage contains less than half a gram of alcohol per 100 grams. Most fruit juices and non-alcoholic beverages, and foods like bread and yogurt, have trace amounts of alcohol. ABV (alcohol by volume) levels for reference:

• Studio Null wines 0.3%

• Kombucha 0.5%

• Burger rolls 1.28%

• Conventional red wine 13.5%

What are the nutrition and sourcing facts?

Each Studio Null wine lists full nutrition and sourcing facts on the back label. Find the labels exactly as they appear on the bottles on each product page:




What are the ingredients in a Studio Null wine?

Dealcoholized wine: traditional, full alcohol wine with the alcohol distilled out 

• Natural sugar to balance acidity 

• Carbon dioxide for freshness

• Sulfur dioxide to preserve stability 

Studio Null never uses artificial flavors, colors, GMOs or other mystery additives.


While a standard glass of full-alcohol wine typically contains about 125 calories, Studio Null non-alcoholic wines average 20 calories per glass. Sugar levels in full-alcohol wines vary based on the origin, since regulations on additives vary regionally, but a glass can contain between 0.9 to 7 grams of sugar depending on the type and source. Studio Null wines contain approximately 3 grams of sugar per glass, carefully added to the wine to balance acidity once alcohol is removed. Each bottle of Studio Null non-alcoholic wine features full nutrition facts.

Does Studio Null wine contain sulfites?

Sulfites (the chemical compound Sulphur Dioxide or SO2) exist in wines in two ways: naturally occurring, and added by winemakers. SO2 is produced naturally as wine ferments, meaning it’s nearly impossible to have a wine that contains no sulfites. Winemakers typically add in a small amount of SO2 before bottling to preserve the wine, slowing chemical reactions that can cause wine to go bad (like oxidation). Studio Null wines contain sulfites at a level of 110ppm (parts per million).

Is Studio Null safe to drink if i'm...

Gluten free—Wine is widely considered gluten free and safe. After dealcoholizing the wines, Studio Null does not add any ingredients that could be cross-contaminated by gluten.

Vegan—Yes. Studio Null wines are vegan. We do not use any ingredients derived from animals at any point.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding—Studio Null non-alcoholic wines always contain less than 0.5% ABV and less than some foods (like a pear or sourdough bread). Consult your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Rx/drugs—As with any medication or drug, please consult your doctor before consuming.

For any health concerns, we strongly recommend you consult your doctor or health care provider before consuming.


No. Unlike many non-alcoholic drinks, Studio Null wines contain zero state or mood-altering substances. There is no caffeine, no CBD, and no THC in Studio Null wines. There are also no botanical, herbal, adaptogenic, nootropic, or pre- or probiotic additives in our wines. 

What is the shelf life of a Studio Null wine?

Like conventional wines, Studio Null wines can be stored for several years and our hypothesis is that some of our wines will get better with age. We haven’t had the years to put that theory to the test yet, so our current best by date is 3 years after bottling.

How should I store and serve Studio Null wine?

As you would with a full-alcohol wine, store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight or high heat. Studio Null has already broken the rules by producing quality non-alcoholic wines and we encourage you to enjoy them however you like. We recommend serving Studio Null’s non-alcoholic wines as you would typically serve a full-alcohol wine and going from there. We like to chill the sparkling and white wines, and enjoy the red with a slight chill or at room temperature. We recommend refrigerating after opening to extend the life of the non-alcoholic wine, as you would with a conventional wine.

Does Studio Null have recommended food pairings?

Our wines were made with dining in mind, and each one was crafted to pair deliciously with food or stand on its own. Taste is subjective, so we encourage you to pair Studio Null wines however you like (and let us know how it goes). We like to enjoy our wines with some of the following: 

GRÜNER WEISS - asparagus, shellfish, creamy cheeses

SPARKLING VERDEJO - seafood, fresh greens, citrus

SOLO GARNACHA - vegetable stews, cheeses, grilled meats

What is Studio Null's wine shipping policy?

Studio Null currently ships within the US. Orders ship nationwide from our CA warehouse within 3-7 business days. 

Shipping wine in glass bottles is expensive because it’s heavy and fragile. Orders with multiple bottles are the most cost effective to send, so our shipping rates reflect this. 

  • Orders of 3 or more bottles include free shipping
  • Orders of 1 or 2 bottles ship nationwide for a flat rate of $10

What is Studio Null's return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your experience please contact and include a brief description of the problem so we can remedy the issue as soon as possible.

Does Studio Null have a Wholesale Program?

Yes, we work with select retail and on-premise partners. Please complete this short survey and a member of our team will be in touch, or contact with any questions.

Are Studio Null wines available in stores or restaurants?

The best way to purchase Studio Null is through our online shop. We will be partnering with select retail and restaurant partners, so follow along @nullwines for the most up to date stockist list!

How do I work with Studio Null?

We’re excited to be collaborating with a range of vineyards, winemakers and scientists, distillers and de-alc experts, and are always looking for great partners to join the Studio. Please get in touch at If you think you’d be a good fit for the Studio Null team, please get in touch at