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3 Great Ways to Gift Non-Alcoholic Null Wine

With more people reducing or cutting out their alcohol intake, people often ask us about the best ways to gift alternatives to the typical bottle of vino. Our take: Null Wines offer the same high-quality and celebratory charm associated with gifting a bottle of traditional wine — minus the booze. 

Featuring grape varietals grown on family farms, produced by award-winning winemakers, then dealcoholized by experts, the results are uniquely gift-worthy! Whether your recipient is sober, doesn’t typically drink, limiting their alcohol intake, or simply appreciates diversity in their home bar, you can give them a non-alcoholic wine that pairs with any celebration.

Null Wines Gift Ideas

A Gift for the Holiday Table

Coming together over good food and drink is universal, and refreshments that speak to culture and tradition while offering exciting options for everyone make people feel both welcome and festive. With the number of mindful drinkers on the rise, it’s a thoughtful idea to include great tasting non-alcoholic options on the menu and honor dietary needs and personal preferences, while providing the quality, variety, and elevated taste that help mark an occasion. Whether you're laying the spread or presenting a host gift, try pairing Null’s Solo Garnacha with hearty meals, and swapping in the Sparking Verdejo for a celebratory Champagne toast!

Don’t be surprised when wine lovers do a double take: reserved skepticism often turns into delight with the first sip of Null Wines, which retain traditional wine’s complexity, body, and aroma with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.


A Gift for the New Parent

Proud yet exhausted new parents deserve to pop bottles, but alcohol — which depresses the immune system and lowers sleep quality — may not actually be the gracious gift you intend. Instead, give a pair of non-alcoholic sparklers that bring the cheer without the bleary-eyed morning-after. Whatever a new parent’s reason for skipping or limiting the hard stuff — sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, personal choice, or a desire for variety — these bubbly wines, featuring grapes sourced from family-owned vineyards in Europe, will be a welcome addition to the household.

Null Wines The Second Release

A Festive Offering for Workplace Celebrations

During the holiday season, colleagues often enjoy year-end celebrations in their workplaces, but many would prefer to be opting for low or no alcohol drinks in these settings. Planning the office holiday party this year? Providing an elevated non-alcoholic offering could be a much-appreciated addition to your festivities — try Sparkling Verdejo for a crowd-pleasing N/A swap to typical bubbly.

Beyond the office party, shrewd corporate gifting is proven to drive positive results, but it’s also an area where consideration of what you might not know is key. A good bottle of booze may seem like a safe gift for a colleague, but it could be a more complicated offering than intended— assuming other professionals may appreciate alcohol can inadvertently exclude those looking to cut back or abstain.. Since not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal preferences, needs, and histories around alcohol in the workplace, don’t default to a high-octane gift when a set of Null Wines is an elevated and exciting gift for wellness-minded clients and coworkers.