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NA Sparkling Wine FAQs

What is non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

Whether for a special occasion or to pair with a meal, Studio Null’s non-alcoholic sparkling wines are made from premium grapes that have been fermented into full-alcohol wines and then gently distilled to remove the alcohol. Our team of winemakers expertly calibrates the dealcoholized wine before bottling resulting in a high-quality sparkling wine, without the alcohol.

What does non-alcoholic sparkling wine taste like?

Sparkling wine lovers can expect the same quality from Studio Null’s non-alcoholic sparkling wines as they would from a traditional bottle. From the experience– the pop of the cork, the delicate bubbles in a glass– to the tasting notes and crisp flavor profiles, our customers often tell us that they can’t tell the difference.

Is non-alcoholic sparkling wine healthy?

Studio Null’s non-alcoholic sparkling white has just 25 calories per glass, or roughly ¼ that of its alcoholic counterpart. While many people have tried a sparkling wine alternative derived from a mixture of carbonated juices, teas, and/or other mystery ingredients, Studio Null offers non-alcoholic sparkling wines that are traceable from vine to glass with full nutrition and sourcing information on every bottle.

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