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NA Rosé Wine FAQs

What is a non-alcoholic rosé?

Studio Null’s non-alcoholic sparkling rosé is made from premium grapes that have been fermented into full-alcohol wine and then gently distilled to remove the alcohol. Whether for a special occasion or to elevate a moment, it pairs perfectly with food and friends.

What does it taste like?

Wine lovers can expect the same quality and tasting notes from Studio Null’s non-alcoholic wines as they would from a traditional bottle. Our Sparking Rosé strikes a perfect balance between slightly sweet red berries, fresh herbs, and a dry finish for easy drinking.

Is non-alcoholic rosé good for you?

Studio Null’s non-alcoholic wines have an average of 25 calories per glass, or roughly ¼ that of their alcoholic counterparts. While many people have tried a wine alternative fabricated from a mixture of juices, teas, and/or artificial ingredients, we offer non-alcoholic wines that are traceable from vine to glass with full nutrition and sourcing information on every bottle.

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