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Lindsey Metselaar on rituals, boundaries & things we don't talk about

Lindsey Metselaar is a native New Yorker and host of We Met At Acme podcast, which has amassed over 9 million downloads since its creation in 2017. We Met At Acme was created to empower women and to help singles feel less alone. Lindsey also has a food blog @dontexpectsalads with over 110,000 followers. Since creating We Met At Acme, Lindsey has expanded to touring all over the country and also continues to host mixers and events around NYC.

Can you share your daily routine / a day in your life? What’s on your agenda, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep?

We Met At Acme podcast

Right now my daily routine is a real grind! I’m a month away from giving birth, so I’m trying to get in as much as possible before I tap out. I usually wake up and start my day with pilates, and then I make breakfast and head to the studio where I am recording anywhere from 1 to 3 podcasts to stack them up ahead of time. After recording, I go home and edit and line things up to release them. I sometimes will have an ad to record for social media, and I try to record things as much as possible throughout the day so that I can keep my followers entertained with some content (usually poll questions) on my story! I love to not have any plans at night but typically I’ll meet my husband or friends (or both) for dinner and then we will watch The Morning Show which we are in the middle of right now and then read and go to bed!

How do you take time for yourself throughout the day? Any rituals you do regularly?

I try to prioritize myself in the morning because I'll likely end up having to do other things throughout the day. I love pilates because it’s an hour where I’m guaranteed to be off my phone and doing something for my mental health. I also love therapy hour! 

Why do you drink non-alcoholic? What do you like about Studio Null’s NA wines?

Studio Null has the best NA wines in the game. That is because they actually taste like fine wines, and not just cheaply made wine sans the alcohol. Any time I host a dating event or mixer and serve Studio Null among other NA beverages, there is always a longer line for Studio Null.

Your podcast We Met At Acme focuses on “subjects we don’t talk about.” How does drinking fit into that?

Drinking is a tough subject because when you’re under 25, it can be hard to fit in without drinking. It’s also tough to be a non-drinker when dating culture relies so heavily on meeting up for “drinks.” Brands like Studio Null are making it much cooler to opt out of drinking culture, yet still kick back and enjoy a really nice beverage.

New Yorker Lindsey Metselaar

Boundaries are crucial! No one cares if you leave the party earlier, no one will notice. You have to do what is best for you.

What advice would you give someone who is hosting and would like to be considerate of their guests drinking preferences?

Unless you are triggered by alcohol in your home, I think it’s always important to have alcohol and non-alcoholic options when hosting. If it’s overwhelming for you to have alcohol there, then you can get it right before the event and have your friends take home whatever they don’t drink. Or you can provide the NA and your friends can BYOB.

Any recommendations re: what you are reading, watching, or listening to these days?

I’m currently reading Ghosts by Dolly Alderton and watching The Morning Show. Highly recommend Ghosts!

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Any advice for someone working through their own pregnancy / fertility journey? 

Thank you! It’s so important to have a confidante that you can share with during this journey so you don’t have to go through it alone. I also think it’s important to get a few opinions in the fertility doctor world, because you never know! 

Editor's Note: Lindsey has since given birth! Welcome Zachary 💚