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How beauty entrepreneur Chelsea Gehr gets it all done

Chelsea is a New York based Makeup Artist, founder of beauty brand Skinned Care, fashion photographer, Culinary Creative, Content Creator, and a multitude of many other things. Today she continues to build her extensive portfolio behind, in front of, and on the side of the camera for events, commercial, and editorial work. Her work is a true representation of her ever-growing desire to show the world her unique interpretation of beauty in the creative and culinary worlds. 📸 Clara PaFundi

Cheers Chelsea

Can you share your daily routine / a day in your life? What’s on your agenda, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep?

Each day for me is so inconsistent because I have my hands in so many different projects all the time that it makes it hard to keep a routine - but I guess that’s what makes me excited to wake up each day.  Some days I am playing the role of makeup artist where I have to bounce around from client to client throughout the city, or maybe I go on tour with a musician for a few months (which really throws me off lol!).  Some days I am charging my cameras and scouting locations to photograph an actor or entrepreneur the following week, filming tutorials at home, working on Skinned and concocting formulas for new product ideas, and other days I am spending time cooking in the kitchen and planning dinner events!  It seems so chaotic, but somehow they are truly all connected and it allows me to always stay creative.  Most importantly I start my day with slow moments with myself, a workout to get my head straight, and then I dive into it all.  

How do you take time for yourself throughout the day? Any rituals you do regularly?

Regardless of what seems like a lack of routine, I like to make sure I am keeping some sort of regimen or say ritual to start my mornings which always involves hot lemon water to cleanse and wake my system up, a 10 minute meditation to ground myself, followed by either a yoga class, pilates/sculpt, or HIIT class, I come home, eat breakfast or a smoothie, and start my day.  Before bed I always put my phone on do not disturb mode at 7:30 and try to not touch it the rest of the night, shower before bed to clean the day off, read and drink a tea to calm me down - granted things change especially in the life I lead, but I try to keep these rituals no matter where I am. 

Why do you drink NA? What do you like about Studio Null’s non-alcoholic wines?

Well, because I don’t have time for a hangover!! Haha, but also I suffer from migraines so I am pretty sensitive to alcohol - I will have alcohol from time to time, but I really just don’t like what it does to my body, skin, mood, yet I love the taste of wine.  It has been a struggle for me finding a truly good substitute until I discovered Studio Null and was blown away.  Now I have a glass or two almost every night while I am cooking without the worry of a headache after. Plus the bottles are gorgeous on my table. It’s magical!!

Chelsea Gehr

As a celebrity makeup artist and the founder of Skinned Care, what relationship do you see between skin health and alcohol?

Well, I’ll tell you - I can immediately tell when a client has drunk the night before because their skin is red, dehydrated, puffy, etc. Our skin is the first thing to tell us something is wrong. What we put in our bodies is so connected to skin health. That’s a tell-tale sign that alcohol is not good for us. 

You’re a founder, chef, makeup artist, and photographer… any tips or tricks for managing a full plate?

Haha!  If you figure it out can you tell me?  :-) Honestly, it’s making sure I stay connected to myself and what my priorities are.  I recently started to take Sundays to write out columns of each “hyphen” that I have, and jotting down all of the things I want to do that week under each category so I can organize my thoughts.  Then I look at the week ahead and dedicate specific days or timing toward each project.  Most importantly is prioritizing the things that need to get done vs the wants.  I used to love to just check things off, but that wasn't necessarily an efficient way of working so now I choose the annoying and hard things that I know need to get done, and do those first, so I can breathe the rest of the week.

Can you tell us more about Table For Twenty and your ethos behind creating community around the dinner table?

Table for Twenty!  My love child!! You know, we have all gone through so much in our lives, big or small, and it’s so important to know you’re not alone which is why I started curating these events.  A dinner table has always felt like a safe space for me.  Somewhere that I can get a little indulgent, explore a new culture with my taste buds, and nurture myself.  Table for Twenty is an opportunity for friends, family, and strangers to experience all of that, while connecting with one another.  It’s a shared experience and I believe that humans need these types of interactions to help us go through the dance of life. 

Table For Twenty

Dishes, ingredients, cuisines/approaches or pairings that you’re exploring lately? 

I went to this French restaurant in Venice Beach, CA a few years ago that made the most dreamy (& creamy) potato gratin my mouth has ever tasted.  I woke up a few weeks ago craving it, so I’ve been trying to remake it (like 4 times in the last 2 weeks now).  There is such a science to it, but that’s what I just love about cooking - it’s so forgivable and allows me so many 2nd chances.  Another one is artichoke risotto and getting that pungent artichoke flavor to come out through the creaminess of the risotto.  Also, these dishes pair amazingly with your Grüner Wiess, let me tell you. Editor's Note: Artichoke risotto and wine? Yes please 🥂 

Chelsea creative

Creative inspirations?

If we’re talking people, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, Hilma af Klint, but honestly traveling brings the most creative inspiration.  Taking time off, exploring and learning from a culture, or even just playing tourist in my own city.  There is magic to be found in everything, it’s just hard sometimes to give myself the permission to play so I can get that inspiration. 

What you are reading, watching, or listening to these days?

I’m juggling 3 books right now (story of my life): A fantasy book called The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés & re-reading Norwegian Wood by Murakami (my favorite book & favorite author)

I finally started watching The Bear and I understand the hype - Lessons in Chemistry was a great book and a great series - & now Julia