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What to Make of Dry January

We don't feel like people need to make a declaration about Dry January. 

We recognize that Dry January can be a helpful catalyst for lifestyle changes. However, we are less focused on people making declarations about their consumption status and effort — and more focused on supporting and embracing the idea that people can and should be able to drink how they see fit, anytime.

Dry January invites broader curiosity about N/A consumption. 

Many of our consumers drink alcohol occasionally, but are also looking for a high quality non-alcoholic option for those times when they'd like to take a night off, steer clear of the downsides of drinking alcohol, or just drink less. Given its widespread visibility, the Dry January movement should be inclusive enough to welcome the occasional drinker as well — no absolutism needed.

You can embrace the basic ethos of Dry January year-round. 

While some prefer to cut alcohol for a month, others may find it helpful to have an N/A option on-hand for any occasion throughout the year. And with the rise of offshoots like Dry July or Sober October, we believe the ethos of Dry January is best viewed as a general mindset that can be applied anytime.